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Note: S.C.C., as used herein, means the Sitka General Code. (Sitka City Code).

B.C.S., as used herein, means the Greater Sitka Borough General Code. (Borough Code, Sitka).

Footnotes are numbered throughout the text and are located below.

SGC Title 1 Footnotes:

1For statutory provisions requiring cities to codify all ordinances and resolutions, see AS 29.25.050. For the Charter provisions requiring Sitka to codify their ordinances within two years of the effective date of the Charter, see § 3.06(b).

2For the Charter provisions concerning legislation, see Art. III.

3For Charter provisions regarding service areas, see §§ 14.01 – 14.04; for the Charter provisions establishing area of the city and borough of Sitka as a service area and providing that service areas in existence at the time of enactment of the Charter shall continue, see § 18.13.

4For the Charter provisions authorizing Sitka to provide for fine or other penalty for violation of city ordinances or Charter provisions, see §§ 3.01(2) and 18.16.